Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Happy Trails, Amos

There's going to be a lot of friendly faces and wagging tails at the Rainbow Bridge but for now it's another loss here on earth.

Many years ago, my parents decided to get a new dog. Dad always wanted a Boston Terrior so they got Annie when she was just a wee pup.


She was a handful from day 1. Mom and Dad knew this dog needed a playmate. So they got another Boston from another litter, but about the same age (just a wee pup).


Amos instantly became Annie's brother from another mother. Literally. For over a decade they've been inseparable.

Always her protector and best friend.

Amos lived hard and fast. He played harder than any other dog I've ever known. He's the only dog I've known to chase a squirrel and actually catch it! (Resulted in scratched corneas but he gave that squirrel the run of its life!)

Amos' last day with Annie was Monday June 2. Mom and Dad were with him and he's not in pain any longer.

Happy trails, Amos. You were a great pal and protector - we'll see you again at the Rainbow Bridge.

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MOM said...

Oh, Sarah...thank you for such a sweet pictorial eulogy for Amos. Our big sweetie is missed.