Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Welcome to 2010!

We finally did it.

We got Smartphones.

iPhone 4.

Got a wicked good deal - free phones and no activation or upgrade fees.

Now we can do all kinds of cool stuff (but I'm sure you already know these things).

Why did we take the plunge? Two reasons:

1.) The youngins. Keeping in touch with our young nephews and niece will be easier. We can FaceTime and see them. Over the years, we've realized that talking to little kids on the phone is pert near impossible. It just sounds like wild jabbering. Harper showed us that we needed to step up our technology when she was running through her house waving her folks' phone at her toys and saying, "look at this, look at that" and her parents said, "no you have to talk into it, they can't see through their phones". (Point noted!) 

Also, G-man is having another surgery on the 25th and I want to be able to see and talk to my family and get pictures and texts, etc. Please send all your positive vibes to our little guy. He's such a trooper! I'm so proud of his courage.

2.) It was simply beyond time. We were paying as much for unlimited talk and text on our brick phones as we are now for many more features on the iPhones.

Go ahead and say it - welcome to 2010!

I told the guy at the store that next time we upgrade, phones probably won't even exist and it'll just be holograms or something! Ha!

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