Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Marching Right Along

So it's March already. Wow. 

Here's a bit of a photo round up for the last few weeks.
Edible Arrangement from my parents for my birthday. 

Fence sitting. 
I saw the neighbor kid sitting on the fence for quite a while the other day. I thought the kid's angles and red hair and blue shirt against the bleak wall cut a profound image. It made me think about what I used to think about when I used to sit on fences and think.

The Pride. 
Jason and the boys sleeping in late. The animals are like self-ratcheting bookends. You move just a little and they scrunch in to make sure they are still touching you. This one is hilarious because they each have their head on a pillow.

Animal house.
I was on the floor doing yoga and Derville had worked his way into a grocery bag and was "lying in wait" for Jason to come into the living room. I grabbed my camera and was taking photos on the floor...

... when Crash got jealous and wanted a photo opp too...

... so we took a smoochie selfie. Then I took photos of both of them.

Hello March! Let's have some sun!

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