Monday, February 10, 2014


Hello? Is anybody out there? We're just starting to emerge from our fortress of  ice and snow solitude.

Jason just left the house in the car for the first time since Thursday morning. We've only left the house once since Thursday, and that was a hike to get beer!

Like Jimmy Buffet sings in Boat Drinks, "This mornin, I shot six holes in my freezer, I think I got cabin fever, Somebody sound the alarm."

Winter weather gives me anxiety. Not knowing when we'll be able to get to the store again, or to work, or if we'll crash our car doing it. And the pets need their heartworm medicine from the Vet! Oh my!

Speaking of freezers and anxiety, take a look at our fridge as of this morning (Monday).

We have eaten pretty much EVERYTHING in the house. Luckily, the animals still have food. I'd hate to spend one night with a hungry Derville! He can be pretty crazy about his food - must be fed every 4 hours or he loses his shit. Thank gawd we have tons of pet food! (We may all be sharing it if we don't get to the store today.)

We had to shovel the driveway so Jason could get the car out. We really should buy at least one snow shovel (to use every 5 years) because garden shovels are NOT very effective for snow.

Jason took the flat head shovel and I took the pointy head shovel - it was slow going.

Driveway before shoveling:

Driveway after about an hour of dual shoveling:

It was really loud and I'm sure the neighbors were laughing their asses off but he was able to get out and on his way (still waiting to hear if he got there okay just got the text that he made it and picked up the pet meds!).

The ice is melting but it's still pretty bad out there.

Crash definitely isn't loving it. He'll go out to pee, but he's been a total poop with-holder! I bet it's hard to relax your butt-hole when it's this cold! We shoveled a path for him but he was determined to not use it!

We accumulated about six inches of snow before the ice hit.

Now it's just a waiting game - hopefully it will all be melted by this evening. We need to go to the store!!

The best thing about the snow-in is that we didn't have anything to do and TV was crap and we've watched ALL THE MOVIES so we exercised a TON. We did Pilates and Nia and Yoga and hoola hoop each day. It was kind of like a spa weekend. Just kidding - it was not like a spa weekend but it felt good not to just sit around like lumps on a log.

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