Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Getting to the CORE of it

I exasperated my lower back issues (herniated disks) training for and running a 10k in October so it's been difficult to find exercises that don't make it worse. I've gone back to my physical therapy exercises from the first time my back gave me trouble 8 years ago. They've really been helping but my sciatica is still flaring up and it  feels like I've been kicked in the butt by a horse. My right leg alternates between radiating pain and tingling. I've done a lot of reading and basically, I need to build my core. I mean BUILD THE SHIT OUTTA MY CORE!

I feel like I've hit a plateau with my normal workouts (Nia, yoga, hoola hoop) so I've been searching out some new FREE routines.

I used to do Pilates with bands but I never felt results. That was before I had back pain, so I gave it another try today.

HOLY COW MY LEGS, ASS AND ABS!!! I was sweating more in 10 minutes of pilates than I would after running 3 miles! These videos are short and to the point. It's great because I only feel like I'm dying for a short period of time. Here are the three videos I did today.

Legs and thighs

5 Minute Ab Express Workout

Flat Belly Fat Burner

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