Thursday, January 09, 2014

Looking at Sunnier Days

The weather this week has been abysmal so far. Gray, cold, and drizzly. So I thought I'd take a look at sunnier days (to remind myself they exist).

The weather was really nice this past weekend. I spent most of the daylight hours staring directly into the sun.

It felt great.

Saturday, I accidentally discovered Cooper Mountain Nature Park as I was driving around following the sun. I was literally pointing the car at the sun and just driving toward it. Weaving in and out, up and down the roads. Clouds were forming behind me and to the sides, threatening to engulf the giant yellow ball. When I looked in the rear view mirror, it was dark and ominous behind me but crystal clear blue and all sun in front. It felt like I was pulling a dark cloud blanket behind my car. I followed the sun up, up, up until I came to the Cooper Mountain Nature Park. It was fabulous!

Of course it's a little barren this time of year, but the elevation and overlook was a sight for sore eyes. I can't wait to come back in the spring/summer and see the foliage blooming! There are tons of gravel trails, benches, picnic tables and a sweet play structures for kiddos.

Jason and I went back on Sunday and did some more exploring in the sun.

It felt great.

We played with the listening horn:

Basked in the sun. (I love how the sun is moving through Jay's luscious locks!)

We also went to a nearby school and flew our remote control helicopter. (Piece of advice: buy the chopper with a "hover" option. This one just goes straight up and, unfortunately, straight down. Hard) 

 It was such a beautiful day.

Then we came home to this adorable overload:

It was a nice weekend. This coming weekend is supposed to be terrible, reaching EPIC terrible on Saturday.

This weather makes me wish I was a "snow bird". An RV on Lake Havasu, AZ sounds wonderful right about now!

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Sean Wright said...

Hey Jason.. Whats the dill Pickle?!?! This is Sean Wright from Wilshire Stages.. I hope all is well with you. Can you reach out to me? I got a couple of questions that only you can answer for me?