Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas Round Up

Just wanted to post a few pictures from our Christmas.

Jason and I stayed in Oregon with the animals and had a pretty laid back break.

(Crash with his "smirken mirken")

Derville kicking Crash's butt as usual

Lollypop toppers from Tam - of course you can guess the first thing Jason wanted to do with these!

Our Christmas tree and presents.

Our new Santa Claus Christmas decoration from our adorable niece, Harper. It's like a Christmas high-five!

On Christmas Eve, we celebrated with homemade crab cakes, fresh green bean casserole and hashbrown casserole.

Then I untied the last ribbon on the Christmas countdown.

Jason diddled the bell.

We decided to have a "nostalgic toy" Christmas this year. Including:


Rubiks cube

Toy helicopter!

We had mimosas and played with our toys, had early Christmas dinner from Shari's and then passed out watching a movie.

After we regained consciousness, we got to talk with sweet Harper and hear some great songs and stories.

And then, only as it can on Christmas, the light turned to dark. 

A call from my Dad that our youngest nephew, 4 years old, was taken to the ER for a distended belly yesterday afternoon and is having his kidney removed today as I type. Said they found a tumor on his kidney, and it had to go. They say he'll recover well and quickly and live a normal life - one kidney less. 

In times like this, my first thought is to pray. 
Next thought: Pray to what?
I don't know. 
Pray to the Universe. 
Pray to God.
Pray to Mother Nature
Hell, I'll pray to the hobo on the corner if it'd help our little guy.

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