Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Dam that hurt!

I had a couple of fillings put in my mouth yesterday. They used a dental dam.  I spent over an hour like the picture below. I spent most of that time with my eyes closed focusing on my breathing and trying to transport myself to another world. It was a miserable and painful experience.

This is only the second time in my life I've had fillings put in and it wasn't like this the first time. I definitely wasn't expecting to have my entire mouth and one of my nose holes covered with a rubber sheet! This thing makes it IMPOSSIBLE to breathe through your mouth. Talk about suffocation anxiety! They clamped it on to my other teeth with vice grip thingys and it felt like they were going to rip out my good teeth. It was like having two grown adults hanging from my face like it was a fucking jungle gym. My face was numb but my neck could barely hold their weight. I can't wait for the feedback survey they send out - I'm going to let them know exactly how it felt. It was the worst fucking Monday on earth.

To make things even worse, I also have a hip bursitis issue down my right leg which makes it incredibly painful to sleep on my right side. So, of course the fillings were put in on the left side of my head so now I have a sore right side of my body and a pained left side of my head.

Sleep evades me but the pain will not.

Feeling: tortured.

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