Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Rainbow Kimchi

This weekend we pulled up the rainbow carrots that we planted in June. We used a whole pack of organic rainbow carrot seeds but only about 20 actually sprouted. It was a little disappointing but then we pulled them up and were pleasantly surprised.

The carrots were nice and big and thick. Ranging from deep purple, yellow, and orange.

Good thing the carrots made up for low quantity with beautiful colors - this is the whole crop for this year!!

We've been waiting for months to turn these carrots into kimchi so we finally did it on Sunday.

Cutting up veggies

 Mixing the veggies

Squishing the veggies

Adding the (pink) brine that we soaked the carrots in overnight.

Shazam!! Our first ever Rainbow Kimchi!

We'll be cracking this open in about a week. Can't wait to try it!!

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