Thursday, September 05, 2013

Meet me in NoHo - we can be hobos

I'm coming atchya from 10k feet this evening - on a flight heading from LAX to PDX. Isn't technology cool?

I had a meeting in Los Angeles today so I flew in yesterday afternoon and stayed in my old stomping grounds - NoHo (North Hollywood) with the intentions of hopefully meeting up with my good ole friends Lisa and Bennett. Until I was actually in Burbank, it didn't look like the NoHo meet up was going to happen so I just resigned to staying within easy access distance to my pals and hope the timing would work out.

And it did!

My flight landed in Burbank at 2:47pm yesterday and as I was de-boarding the plane, Lisa texted "I just got off work at Warner Bros in Burbank." I replied, "I just landed in Burbank!" So she headed over to the airport and scooped me up - couldn't have planned it better!

We went straight to In and Out.

Then we went to my hotel and talked and waited to hear from BT. He thought he'd be able to come over and play too, but had some chores to finish first. Eventually, he reached an impasse so I ordered him to hang it up for the evening and come see his pals in NoHo. He heeded the order and we scooped him up at the train station less than an hour later. Again, couldn't have planned it better!

My NoHo hobo pals - Lisa and Bennett

Here we are hanging out at the hotel - just loving being around each other and hearing stories straight from the mouth and not through a digital filter. It was exactly what I needed - to see friends, have mutually stimulating conversation, and praise each other for just being amazing individuals and making this far in our crazy lives. (An Aussie at the bar actually said we were the first "normal" people she had met in LA. Boy, was she wrong - normal this group is not!)

Here we are loving and hugging and smiling.

It had been three years since I laid eyes on BT and almost 5 since I last saw Lisa. That's too many! Presents were exchanged for presence. It was beautiful (JB, you got a pretty cool gift from BT that's winging it's way to you right now!)

Somethings never change and Lisa's hair is one of those things! It started in braids and a Survivor bandanna (swiped from a set I'm sure) and then she released it from lockdown and as the night got later, Lisa's hair got bigger and bigger and bigger. It was fascinating!

We took BT to the train around 10:30pm and Lisa and I stayed up talking until 2am. if she didn't have a 5am call time and I didn't have to catch a cab at 8am, we would have talked all night. It wouldn't have been the first time and for the love of GAWD I hope it's not the last.

It's funny how just when I think I don't have a friend in the world except Jason, these two crazy cats pop up and create a unique and loving moment in time for all of us and for that I'm so very thankful.

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