Thursday, August 15, 2013

Evel Knievel Snake River Canyon Jump Site

(Made the detour and took these pictures especially for my two favorite men: Jason and Dad.)

I'm in Twin Falls, Idaho this week staying less than a mile from the site where Evel Knievel tried (and failed) to jump the Snake River Canyon in 1971 so my colleague and I took a quick detour to snap a few pictures.

This is the very unassuming monument (looks like the metal plaque part fell out) near the bridge but still 2 miles from the actual jump site.

 Here's the dirt ramp in the distance from which Evel jumped his rocketcycle.

Here's a few pics of the river and canyon. Our hotel is less than a mile from this canyon and I would've had NO IDEA it was here without being informed by the aforementioned favorite men.

See the little waterfall?

 Here's a picture of the ONLY bridge in the U.S. that it is legal to BASE jump off of. Here's some dudes jumping and landing. 486 feet!

 under the bridge - a little scary!

Letting the chute open first...


Walking back up the canyon trail - they look so tiny!!

And an Idaho recap wouldn't be complete without a shot of the Mormon temple.


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