Thursday, July 18, 2013

Little Stinky Sock Foot

I was in Idaho for most of last week for work and Jason did a great job taking care of the "boys" while I was gone. Four days with no incidences. I was home only a few hours and we were contemplating a trip to the doggie emergency room!

Apparently, while Crash was outside being a little maniac (and we weren't supervising), he did something to the paw on his "pogo" leg (the good one). He was licking it like crazy and when we inspected, it looked like a whole finger (claw? digit?) was gone! However, it wasn't bleeding and he was still walking on it fine - it just looked BAD. There was a little raw circle between two other fingers and he had licked so hard, the other fingers were spread far apart so it looked like something was missing. We did a quick count and the fingers seemed to match the number of pads. We couldn't just compare it to the other front paw because that little chicken wing is missing a few parts anyway.

It was Saturday night and too late to go to PetSmart and get a cone and the idea of a trip to the vet hospital made my pocket book runaway and hide itself. So we had to get creative.

We put little Stinky (yet another nickname for Crash) in the tub and let the water fill up to wash over the wound. And please note, little Stinky HATES baths and especially having his paws messed with and can get a little snappy. After getting a better look in the water, we decided it was just a scrape - maybe from trying to climb the tree? - and it would probably get better on its own as long as he stops licking it like an obsessed freak.

So we took one of my socks, put it over the paw and electric taped it to his leg. We went to bed and it worked for the night. As soon as we woke up the next morning, the sock came off and the licking began again. The tape just wasn't working.

Straight out of bed and still exhausted from traveling, I fashioned a sort of garter sock for him. I just cut the sock in half, sewed up the bottom, and attached an elastic band on both sides of the top of the sock. We put the sock on his paw and the elastic over his head and under the chicken wing paw. This worked great!

I also went to PetSmart and bought a cone - I hope we never have to actually use it but it's probably good to have around for emergencies. I also bought a toy to keep him busy and distract him from his paw. It's the red rubber thing in the photo above. It's looks like a crazy butt plug and you put peanut butter or treats in the end and the dog tries to lick it out. (Sorry to put it in porn terms but there really is no other good explanation.)

Between wearing the garter sock, nightly cleanings, antibiotic ointment treatments and the new "toy", our little Sock Foot (new nickname) was all better by yesterday. He looked so friggin adorable in that little sock but he was so happy to run and run and run when we took it off!

Thank gawd for Jason and his growing up with an Animal Whisperer mother! He knew exactly what needed to be done to take care of our little guy.

I had to take this picture of Derville watching the whole thing (they get jealous if they don't get equal photo opps.) He's like "Hey Crash, nice pink striped sock !" Actually, Derville was very concerned through the whole thing and was really sweet to little Sock Foot.

I love my guys!

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