Sunday, July 07, 2013

Berry good holiday!

The last four days have been absolutely fabulous! The weather has been amazing and the days have been lazy ;-) What more can we ask for?

Jason and I celebrated our freedom on the fourth of July by taking a Nia class from our pal Carol. She's amazing! She's 62 but has a precious child-like play in her being. She's so very inspirational.
We also went berry picking yesterday. We've pretty much dialed-in the berry picking situation here which is awesome! We've learned to decide ahead of time if we are picking for preservation or just for the next week of fresh fruit on our yogurt. Either way we eat as much as we can handle and bring home the rest. This time we just went for pleasure - nothing makes me happier than eating warm, ripe berries right off the bush. Those are some of my earliest memories and they taste DELICIOUS!

Hope you had a berry good holiday too!

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