Wednesday, July 03, 2013

2013 Garden - July 3

The garden is growing so fast, that if I type too slow, these photos will be irrelevant!

So here we go, just a nice photo journal entry -

Full garden

green beans, zucchini, squash

Eight Ball Zucchini

Tomatoes (Sweet Million, Early Girl, Sungold yellow cherries, Hillbilly (hybrid)

This year we turned the cages upside down since every year ours have pushed out of the ground and fallen over from the weight. We'll let you know how this unorthodox approach works.

Snow peas on trellis. I added a few lengths of garden twine and laid it in the peas so they could pull themselves up if they couldn't reach the trellis.

Plants are so smart - they figured it out and grabbed on tight!

Tiny little bell pepper. "Cute as a button", Jason said.

Blackberries - get ready for jam!

 Garlic, onions and tons of leeks.


Carrots coming up slow.

Mix of lettuce starts from Larry

Garden helpers - hello Mr. Bee!

Loves supervising from his lawn chair - thank you Grammie! 

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