Friday, June 07, 2013

Garden Update June 2013

Found this little guy enjoying our strawberries yesterday. He looked pretty cozy so I took some pics and put him under the blackberry bramble to finish his lunch. He was so tiny!

Now, a quick look around the garden. Like I've said before, by the time I take the pictures and get them posted, the garden has completely transformed. It's amazing how much growing can happen in one day!

Strawberries and Herb box

 Hazel nut trees grown from nuts that squirrels buried in our garden that started to sprout and Maple-chu coming back to life.

 Beet box. Wrapping up a year-long experiment to smell the secret ingredient (beet pollen) in K23 from Jitterbug Perfume. I'm amazed to find that it smells like feet cheese. Totes not what I was expecting.

 Planting green beans and snow peas.

 Most of the tomato starts are in. So far we have Early Girl, Sungold cherry and Hillbillie (heirloom)

 Can you spot the out-of-place item in the picture above? Silly dog.

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