Friday, March 01, 2013

Like Riding a Snail

(I saw this guy and thought "Silly gnome! You'll never get anywhere riding a snail!" So he came home with me and joined the garden buddies.)

It's taken a while but we woke up today and felt it. Spring is on its way! The air feels lighter, the sun is brighter earlier and longer. The birds and squirrels are starting to emerge and uncover hidden treasures from pre-winter foraging.

Experiencing the closing in of fall and then the oppressive dismal winter weather makes me so much more appreciative and understanding of the seasons. I spent so many years in southern states where it was one long hot season with a nip of seasonal weather here and there. Shorts on Christmas was not uncommon. Sporadic torrential down pour was our "rainy" season. Blue Northers brought sleet and frozen rain at any time of the year.

These days I get so excited to see the first blooms of spring. Here, that would be the crocus. I don't have any of these in my yard yet, but they are definitely next on the list. They are the official signal to me that Spring is on the way! And they are SO dang cute!

This year I snagged some daffodils (not called jonquils here, mom) and a few grape hyacinths on sale to add to the bulb garden. Daffodils are neck and neck with crocus for first bloom but I have seen crocus come up through'd say they win...tulips and hyacinths are right behind.

I'm so excited to be sitting here with the windows open, in a short sleeve shirt, light pants and no wool socks!  The birds are chirping. Crash and Derville are sniffing up all the sniffs through the window screens. It's a really lovely day and the sun isn't actually even shining! I'll take whatever we can have for one day.

It was like riding a snail, but we made it through the  winter and I think we did it with more grace than ever since we moved to Oregon.

I think we're finally getting the hang of this life. 

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