Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Crash Test and the Girl with the Little White Doggie

About a month ago, we decided to try taking Crash on walks. Seems pretty simple for a dog, but our little guy has some hangups from being a stray and is has a slight disadvantage with his little chicken wing leg. Turns out, this guy loves to go for walks! (Oddly enough, he acts like he hasn't figured out "come" "stay" or "let's go inside" after 8 months but I only had to say "Walk" one time and now he's bouncing off the front door like a maniac! Sneaky dog!)

Well, the walks were going so well, and he was getting SO excited, that I decided to try running with him. We went on a little "Crash Test" to see how he'd do. I got some of my fastest running times when he was with me. Here's a map of our run. He only went the first 2.25 km with me and then I dropped him off at the house and kept going. It was so funny because he started out going so fast, he was choking himself on the leash but by the third time around the neighborhood, I thought I was going to have to carry him home!

He only stopped short, crossed over and tripped me 6 or 7 times -- luckily I didn't face plant or fall on my ass. One time he crossed right when my foot was going up and I just kinda lifted him with my foot (a gentle kick, if you will).

I have to admit - I'm so happy to be the girl with the little white doggie again. Everyone stops to pet him and say hi. I really missed that feeling. It had become such a part of my identity.

I want to be the girl with the little white doggie forever.

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