Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A Lesson in the Futility of Worry

So...I got an urgent email from the head of our West Region (pretty much all offices west of Denver) late on Friday - "Meeting with CEO, CFO and entire executive team for XYZ company (large local company which shall not be named) on Wednesday 2/13 - can you join?"

I was really excited to be invited to a meeting of such caliber. My role at the meeting was to mainly take notes and listen but I'll have more of a writing/implementation role once the communication campaign starts.

Then my anxiety and worry kicked in immediately upon receiving the email - what do I wear? I don't know much about this topic - will I look/sound stupid? What if I can't type fast enough or lose all the notes? What if I forget my computer? What if they need to use my computer for a presentation - is my desktop clean? Is there confidential stuff on my desktop that needs to be hidden? Do I wear tights or socks? And the worry goes on and on and on...

I started my quest to eliminate all uncertainties on Friday. Started looking online for suits because the one that fits is old and black and looks like an undertaker from the 1990s. However, my cool, hip taupe suit is about 4 sizes too big these days. So I searched high and low this weekend. I started at Nordstrom Rack and ended at Macy's. (side rant: Nordstrom Rack is evil and I would vow never go there again except they have the best/biggest selection of SmartWool socks in the area and they are only $12 instead of $20!)

I found a cheap top at the Rack and bought it like a dope. Thought it would look great with black pants or skirt. Got it home and realized I looked like a fuchsia birthday present - bow and all! I had tried on a suit at Macy's but didn't want to spend "suit" money. After realizing the "cheap" shirt was fucking hideous, I ran back to the Rack and returned it and went to Macy's for the suit. Luckily it was on super sale and I got a $200 pant suit for $70 bucks - score! I even had a shirt that matched - perfect! Got it home, tried it on with shoes, found tights that worked (that's a whole other story!) and jewelry. Grrrrreat!

Got out my super special corporate meeting purse which holds my laptop and accessories perfectly. Looked great with suit - excellent!

Got the address for the meeting - it's right by Jason's work so I know exactly where it is and how long it takes to get there - sweet!

By Monday, I had all unknowns eliminated. All the things I was worried about were handled. I was feeling pretty great about everything. Made the drop off plan with Jason so I could be home in time to get ready, eat and do a few work things before going to the meeting.

Tuesday night (last night), I had a hard time sleeping because I was worrying about all the other little things that could go wrong - lose the notes, say something stupid, etc. So I lost some sleep to worry.

Wednesday morning (today), our drop off plan was executed perfectly. I scoped out the meeting location - easy peasy. I even managed to grab dog food on my way home!

Got dressed, packed up, ready to go. I'd checked my list twice and I hadn't missed a thing. Feeling really good about my worry-induced preparation and planning.

 (Mom, this picture is for you ;-)

Got to the meeting place 30 minutes early. Parked right next to the entrance so I would see my other team members pull in and we could go to the door together. I emailed saying I was there - no response. We were supposed to meet at 11:45am, it now it's 11:50 am and no sign of my team. I email again - "Are you guys here?" no response. I start to panic. Meeting is at noon and I'm the only one there - WTF???

12:05pm - I decide to go inside and at least let them know that I'm waiting for my team - they should be here soon. As I walk to the door (that I've been staking-out for over 30 minutes), I realize it says "Employees only - guest please use entrance on North side of the building" - I freak the fuck out! They must already be here but I was just on the wrong side of the building!!! NOOOOO!!!!

I fly around the building like I'm driving a go-cart, whip into the front parking spot, and go in. Receptionist says the meeting already started and she'd let them know I was there. I took a deep breath, tried not to look phased and headed into the conference room.

The meeting was well underway and they were diving straight into the heavy stuff. I slid into a seat and took notes on paper with one hand, while setting up my laptop with the other hand. Switched to note-taking on laptop and pretty much transcribed that meeting word for word. Two hours later, meeting is over. We say our goodbyes and it's all in the past now.

The lesson here is that never once, not ever, ever ever would I have thought to worry about getting there 30 minutes early and then joining the meeting 10 minutes late because I WAS PARKED ON THE WRONG SIDE OF THE DAMN BUILDING!

Therefore, please remember, worry is futile. There is no use in worrying because whatever actually happens will not be any of those things that you worried about. You're probably going to have to wing it anyway so just wait till that moment comes and jump right in.

 My first thought when I left the parking lot was "Thank gawd I have Nia tonight!"

I'll just dance this one right out of my  mind.

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