Monday, January 28, 2013

Bridge to Brews

All signed up and ready to go!

I just registered Jason and I for the Bridge to Brews run/walk in April! I'm really excited!

We had a great time participating in the Run Like Hell event  back in October so we thought we'd give it another runnygo!

The course starts and finishes at the Widmer Bros Brewery - crossing over the Fremont Bridge and the Broadway Bridge. Check out the map (8k is in blue).

Jason and I made a "resolution" at the beginning of the year to give up booze for at least 60 days - we are on day 28. That means we have not had ANY alcohol since New Year's Eve. No alcohol for the entire year of 2013! Now that we are doing this race, we are thinking about extending the 60 days until the end of this race. It'll be tough, but man, that would be the best tasting beer EVER. We're gonna do at least 60 days, but we'll see if we can extend it.

Not drinking has been easier than I thought and we're losing weight and saving money so the benefits are definitely there!

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