Monday, December 10, 2012

Deck the halls with fah la la la lah

I'm trying to get more into the holiday spirit this year than I have in the last couple years. So, I broke down and put up a few Christmas decorations the other day. Not much though - just a few choice items. We have a little 4 foot tree and lots of special ornaments, but we also have a mischievous cat and a destructo dog who work together well when it comes to destroying stuff. They make a good team -- Derville climbs up and knocks the "prize" down to the floor and then Crash chews the shit out of it.

So, in efforts to preserve the few decorations that we do have, everything has to be above a certain height, with no ledges or counters to climb on around it. Also, everything had to be put up during "nap time" or Mr. Derville would have a fit. He doesn't welcome change but seems to be doing fine with what we did put up.

Here's what we have so far:

Sad little Charlie Brown Christmas tree (this thing breaks my heart in cartoon-kinda way). Derville doesn't seem to mind this tree - maybe next year we can upgrade to the four footer..

Lights, jingle wreath and a little garland

The same stocking I've had my entire life (with Jay sewn in and Derville and Crash pinned on).

Finally, the Christmas countdown felt strip. This thing has been around as long as I have (maybe longer). I have a ton of memories of counting down to Christmas by untying a bow every night starting Dec 1.

My brother and I used to take turns each night untying a bow, and now Jason and I share the tradition. He's so cute - every night he reminds me at least ten times the we have to untie a bow before bed. He's going to go crazy when it's time to ring the bell at the end!

It's a sweet little tradition and I'm glad that I have someone to share it with.

I have a good feeling about this holiday season.

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