Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Coming out from the storm

It's been raining here so long I've stopped counting the number of days. It really does make it easier to just  think of it like, "Hooray, the sun is shining TODAY!" rather than, "It hasn't stopped raining in TWELVE days!!!"

It's so strange to step outside after so many days, inside watching the rain or outside dodging it, stomping through puddles and rotating between furry slippers and rain boots. When we finally do come out from the storm, it feels like stepping out of a fallout shelter or bomb cave after a war. Everything outside is a mess but the sun is shining and you can finally "see" again. Days of darkness reveal a light so strong you recoil like a vampire. Eyes adjust, the smell of fresh air returns, and a crisp breeze makes the hair on the back of your neck stand up. It's exhilarating.

Friends from other regions of the country have been asking us about the weather a lot. It must really look terrible from the view of the rest of the country. But here, it's just the view of a Northwest winter. You take what you get and you don't through a fit. Wait fifteen minutes and it'll change. Hell, right now I should be outside running before the rains return but DANG it's cold there!

One of the local weather stations has a funny commercial that says, "We're Oregonians! If we waited for the sun to come out, we'd never leave our homes!!"

That's the truth -- you just have to bundle up, put on your raincoat and boots and go for it. Eventually, you don't even notice if it's raining or not. 

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