Friday, November 09, 2012

Altar and Alter


1. An elevated place or structure before which religious ceremonies may be enacted or upon which sacrifices may be offered.

One year ago today, I lost the best furry friend a girl could ever ask for to Cancer. I have missed him so much. Now my special friend lives on a make-shift altar above my bathroom sink. He's in a little medal box with all his pals around him. I went with the Egyptian beliefs on death and burial and made sure that my guy would have all his special friends with him in the afterlife. Hippo, Shamis the sheep, baby Shrek, giraffe and more stand guard for him. Everyday as I brush my teeth, I say a few words to the Pooh and go on my way. I still miss him so much.

1. To change or make different; modify

For so many months after losing Clancy, I was so sad. I didn't want to get another dog just to fill the hole. I wanted to learn to live without him again so I could appreciate the value of companionship.  Then the right day came along and the right dog followed. Now we have Crash in our lives and it's hard to imagine it without him. Things have changed so much since the Pooh was with us - altered. But this little bundle of happiness has once again altered it all.

It's impossible to compare Clancy and Crash to each other. They are two completely different souls.

Clancy was an old soul - been around a thousand times. Wise. Knowing. Calm. Low maintenance. Set in his ways.

Crash is a new soul - this may be his first time around. He needs more attention because he had a ruff start being a stray with a handicap. He needs more time to learn things but he will get it. He can't see the squirrels so good and he runs kinda slow. But this guy LOVES. HARD. He puts that goofy face right in yours and mugs down like a teenager. Licking eyes, ears, neck ... he doesn't discriminate. And smiles. You can see the smile in his eyes and the concern he has that you love him as much as he loves you. But also like Clancy, he's set in his ways. A nice way to say stubborn. I like that they share one trait.

Clancy and Crash.

Altared and Altered.

Loved and Loved.

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