Thursday, October 04, 2012

Why do you want to kill Big Bird?

--begin political rant--

I don't usually get political here (or anywhere but my own home or talking with my Grams) but this has to be said:

Of all the nonsense that went on last night during the presidential debate, I was floored when Mitt Romney said that he would end our borrowing money from China by cutting PBS completely and specifically pointed to Big Bird and the nice old guy mediating the debate (Jim Lehrer who works for PBS).

Who goes after Big Bird? I mean, really, why? Or old  men for that matter!

There are so many more legitimate political arguments out there like:

Fight terrorist -- makes perfect sense!
Cut spending -- sure!
Reduce taxes -- I'm all about it!
Health Care -- more free stuff please!
KILL BIG BIRD -- what the fuck, Mitt?

I think this really demonstrates where this guy's head is -- Muppet killing. We CANNOT let this become the way of our nation. It's almost less frightening to talk about wars in the Middle East than to talk about a world in which PBS doesn't exist. Come on, think about it. You're running for president, the economy is fucked, the middle class is drowning, health care is a huge issue, we are waging meaningless wars, but the only plan to fix all this that you can share with us is "Let's get rid of PBS. That'll show the Chinese we don't need their money!"

Totally asinine.

So, I usually don't say things like this -- but here goes!


--end political rant--


Haddock said...

I think fighting terrorism should be the first priority (for any country)

Anonymous said...

Please don't clip Big Bird's wings. Mitt totally lost it with this comment. He never had me in the first place but he proved he is off his rocker with that one. No PBS, I can't imagine it!