Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Walking for a good cause

Last Sunday, we participated in the Run Like Hell! Portland 5k race. Jason, Krissy, Debbie and I walked the 5k and talked and laughed the whole way.

It was a pretty interesting experience because we had to be at Pioneer Square (downtown) at 8:30am dressed in costume. We took the MAX so we got a few weird looks but luckily this is Portland and we like to keep it weird so not really a big deal but kind of an interesting freak show to be part of.

This was definitely a different sort of freak show -- the kind where highly athletic and motivated freaks get up balls-ass-early (in the rain), dress up in spandex (SO much spandex!) superhero costumes, run a race and then drink beer and chow on chili and Dave's Killer Bread.

It was a really cool experience to walk on the main roads of Portland, through the city, by the waterfront,  under bridges and over railroad tracks. Jason and I think we could definitely jog a 5k so we're looking forward to Brews and Bridges in April!

Here's pictures from before, during and after the race:

It was a great day and I can't wait to do more of these events!

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