Monday, October 01, 2012

Nia - Don't Stop Dancing!

I love Nia.

I wish I could dance in a group like this everyday.

I have a major desire to take the White Belt training.

I really want a pair of the signature mini skirt and flare-leg pants to dance in.

Reality: I'll order a video and do it in my pajamas at home until my wishes, wants and desires can be actualized. And that will be just fine.

Every journey has to begin somewhere.

Check out the new Nia Technique informative video, "Nia - Don't Stop Dancing!".

Nia Founder and Co-Creator, Debbie Rosas, provides insights into Nia as a practice, the history and the Nia White Belt as the beginning of a somatic journey to body literacy. The video features "Don't Stop Dancing", a song from one of our new routines available later this year. You will also see beautiful footage of NiaWear in action and some of the gorgeous artwork from our NiaSounds titles.

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