Saturday, October 27, 2012

Hey Jupiter

We've always loved Tori Amos but have been on a huge Tori kick lately. We checked out every one of her albums from the library and have them on constant rotation. She's an amazing musician. She calls her songs "her girls" and says she sets her play list each night based on which of the "girls" speaks to her -- which ones have something to say on that particular night.

Jason and I have seen her in concert and she is mesmerizing. She has a spiritual experience right there on stage and you just sort of travel with her through her tones and sounds. And the way she plays her pianos and keyboards -- like none other. A Mozart of our time.

Her story is pretty amazing - child music prodigy, daughter of a preacher, rape survivor, mother, and overall inspiration to many many people throughout the world.

I've fallen down a YouTube video hole so here's a few I'm diggin.

This song "Hey Jupiter" is one of my favorites and this video is amazing. She really does seem to leave her body towards the end.

Favorite lyrics:

Hey Jupiter
Nothings been the same
So are you gay
Are you blue
Thought we both could use a friend
To run to

Here's an interview with Tori Amos and Rosie Odonnell. She talks about her daughter and it's amazing.

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