Thursday, September 06, 2012

Processing the End of Summer

It's like our garden knew that Labor Day was upon us and the end of Summer near. We did a major harvest and processed a ton of food this weekend. We pulled up most of the beets, all onions, radishes, cucumbers. We also went to a UPICK that had TONS of peppers so we gathered all of the tomatoes from our garden and made some killer salsa.

Here's a little taste of our weekend for you.

Peppers at the UPICK

At least 5 types of peppers -- all for about $2.50!

 Salsa supplies (and squash)

We had so many beets and didn't feel like canning so we are trying out different kimchi mixes.

YUM beets (I looked like a blood-covered maniac when I finished peeling these)!

Kimchi fixins (cabbage, green/yellow/red onions, garlic)

Radish pods and flowers with grated carrots and ginger for kimchi

This is the "mostly beets" kimchi

"mostly radish pods and flowers" kimchi

Beets, carrots and onions for roasting (the candy stripe Chioggia beets are so pretty and tasty!)

There were a few berries left at the UPICK. This one sums up my feelings for blackberries.

I love berries!

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