Thursday, August 09, 2012

Crock O' Garden

It's almost pay day, the fridge is a little bare, however, the garden is plentiful!

So I went outside and plucked up everything I thought I could cook together and would taste good.

My foraging resulted in:
Beet greens
Baby rainbow chard
Green onions
Baby red onions
Parsley (leaves and seeds)
Purple Sage

 I sauteed the onions, kale stems, chard stems, and beet green stems with olive oil and then added water to create a vegetable stock. Spiced it up with cayenne, sea salt, thyme and black pepper. Bring it back to boil and let it reduce just a bit. Add greens (kale, chard, beet leaves). Stir until greens wilt. Pour this into a Crock Pot. Mix in peeled, sliced beets and carrots.

Cook in crock for ... I don't know ... till a knife goes through easily? Time depends on your crock --no two crocks are the same!

Here is the finished product -- I'm calling it Crock O' Garden!

I think this one will be popular as more things become ready to harvest.

Yummy and never the same!

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