Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Photo Roundup

It's been a helluva two weeks. Too much for words. Here's a photo roundup for ya.

Traveling for work 
(Free beer on the way home -- thanks Alaska Airlines!)

Can't get enough of the view from these tiny commuter planes.

Seattle to Portland = 33 minutes from wheels up to wheels down

Mighty Columbia River - sight for sore eyes at the end of a long day

Hiking around Sandy River in the Mount Hood National Parks

Living like lumps on a log ... and LOVING IT!

Big river valley - small Jason

Waterfalls and river rocks

The crew: Krissy, Debbie (sorry for the head chop), Me, Jason

Rolling stones gather no moss, but river rock sure does!


Derville kitty in his slipper chair

Quick trip to the mid-west to see my 93 (going on 94) year old Gramma. I love this woman more than words can even begin to express.

 Mountains welcoming me home

Baby watermelons! Never grown these before so I'm very impressed and, as always, amazed with nature.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Rex's Blues

Rex's Blues by Townes Van Zandt

Ride the blue wind high and free
She'll lead you down through misery
Leave you low, come time to go
Alone and low as low can be

If I had a nickel I'd find a game
If I won a dollar I'd make it rain
If it rained an ocean I'd drink it dry
And lay me down dissatisfied

Legs to walk and thoughts to fly
Eyes to laugh and lips to cry
A restless tongue to classify
All born to grow and grown to die

So tell my baby I said so long
Tell my mother I did no wrong
Tell my brother to watch his own
And tell my friends to mourn me none

I'm chained upon the face of time
Feelin' full of foolish rhyme
There ain't no dark till something shines
I'm bound to leave the dark behind

Ride the blue wind high and free
She'll lead you down through misery
Leave you low, come time to go
Alone and low as low can be

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Begendings from zefrank

Enlightenment from zefrank on endings that lead to new beginnings -- begendings.

Favorite line:
"Remember that sex without love is just a very complicated form of masturbation and you don't want to get addicted to that because it's hard to write a novel with a dick in your hand."

Feels like a rant from Stein or Burroughs -- repetition and cutup.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Kimchi and Pickles

The garden is producing at full speed these days so we took advantage and did some fermenting this weekend.

We made kimchi with cabbage, carrots, green onions, red onions, rutabaga, daikon radish, garlic, cayenne, crushed red pepper and other things I'm sure I'm forgetting...

Here's Jason filling up the jar.

Close-up of the good stuff!

We only have one proper air lock fermenting jar and we wanted to save that for the pickles, so we used a giant jar and a sterilized rock. This is a pretty old-school method and we've never done it before, but so far so good!
 Crocked and ready for action!

We also picked all the eligible cucumbers and finally made some pickles!

These guys aren't very uniform in shape but they taste great!

We used cucumbers (fresh-picked from the garden), dill, garlic clove, dried red pepper, crushed red pepper, peppercorn and a few carrot sticks. (I read that the carrots will help keep the cukes from getting mushy during fermentation and we have tons of carrots so that's why we threw some in.)

Here are both of the crocks after only 3 days!

They are progressing perfectly -- gurgling and bubbling and building probiotics. The cloudiness is normal -- and actually a good sign.

We should have kimchi and pickles by Sunday! YUM!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Fountain of Youth - Nia

A few weeks ago I mentioned the Nia Dance Jam and then I went to one last week! It was so amazing! There were guest instructors from all over the world gathered together to dance! Some of these ladies have been teaching for 19, 15, 12 years and they look so young!  I think this dancing thing may hold a few secrets to anti-aging ;-)

Then there is also a great group of normal people like me dancing to shake off the week! 

The whole group is beautiful! And so is the new Step In Studio! I was honored to be part of this event.

Here's the video from my Nia Dance Jam (I tried to stay to the back but I'm still in there a few times) -

Thursday, August 09, 2012

Crock O' Garden

It's almost pay day, the fridge is a little bare, however, the garden is plentiful!

So I went outside and plucked up everything I thought I could cook together and would taste good.

My foraging resulted in:
Beet greens
Baby rainbow chard
Green onions
Baby red onions
Parsley (leaves and seeds)
Purple Sage

 I sauteed the onions, kale stems, chard stems, and beet green stems with olive oil and then added water to create a vegetable stock. Spiced it up with cayenne, sea salt, thyme and black pepper. Bring it back to boil and let it reduce just a bit. Add greens (kale, chard, beet leaves). Stir until greens wilt. Pour this into a Crock Pot. Mix in peeled, sliced beets and carrots.

Cook in crock for ... I don't know ... till a knife goes through easily? Time depends on your crock --no two crocks are the same!

Here is the finished product -- I'm calling it Crock O' Garden!

I think this one will be popular as more things become ready to harvest.

Yummy and never the same!