Monday, June 18, 2012

Meet Crash

(Our first meeting)

We are so happy to announce that we have a new furry dog friend in our family! His name is Crash. We adopted him Saturday from the Oregon Humane Society. We saw his scruffy little picture online Friday and picked him up the next day. He was the first dog on the first page of the first search I did for Poohs. It was destiny!

He's a 1.5 to 2 yr old Westie mutt! His face looks just like Clancy's but he is only about 13 pounds. Adding a little extra tug on the heart strings, he has a deformed front left paw -- it doesn't hurt him -- he was just born with a few less bones. He doesn't let it slow him down though! He runs better than he walks. He jumps and plays fetch and sometimes "crashes over" on his left side when he's playing too hard (hence the name Crash). It is the cutest dang thing ever! He has a funny little tripod-front-leg-pogo-stick-thing going on.

You won't believe how well he and Derville are getting along. We introduced them in stages Saturday and they were fast friends within hours. They play together like puppies -- racing and chasing all over the house. I've missed that so much. It's pretty amazing how smoothly this has all been. We were even able to sleep with doors open and no kennels on the first night.

We suspect Derville thinks Crash is a little incarnate of Clancy. We kind of think so too.The first time we let them actually meet, Derville ran straight up to Crash and did a little nose-bump face-smash. It was like Derville rushed up and put his hands on Crash's shoulders and hugged him and said, "Brother! Where have you been? You're different but nevermind that -- I've missed you. Let's play!"

The craziest part of this little guy's story -- he was transferred up from a shelter in L.A. last week! Another LA transplant in our family, crazy! He was brought in as a stray, so he has no background -- if only he could talk, imagine the stories! They had named him Niles, but we just didn't like that so we changed it to Miles since it sounded pretty close...but this guy wouldn't respond to either of them so we started trying out names. We got a decent response to Cecil and we called him that for a few hours...didn't really fit him though. He's an old soul but not an old man. Then we tried on Lefty for awhile...but we sorta felt like irony makes for strange bedfellows so we kept trying. At that moment he wiped out in the yard running with a giant (for him) ball rope. He didn't miss a beat and kept on going. We cried out, "Crash!" and he responded like, "hell yeah that's my name!" And so it is.

He's got a total mutt cut but he's got shots, microchip, free vet visit...he fits right in to our little group of misfits.

Let the new era of Crash and Derville begin!

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