Monday, May 21, 2012

I don't miss the nuclear fallout haze

I went to Los Angeles last week for work. Here are some photos from the trip.

Crater Lake

The island on Crater Lake -- looks cold!

The photo below was taken over the Pacific Ocean on the approach to LAX. The dark blue is the ocean and then there is a low cloud cover. Gorgeous!

LA River Basin (aka. The Wash)


 What a traffic nightmare!

I don't miss that nuclear fallout haze at all!

From the tarmac -- welcome to L.A.

"City View" from my room.

This hotel took the highway-robbery-mini bar to another level! This tray has sensor pads under all of the tempting items. The note even says that if you accidentally move the items, your room will be charged. This tray was right between the phone and the TV.

People with small children -- watch those little hands! Those M&M's are $7.00!!!

11:30 pm and not home yet. Hello Sacramento!

This picture is just how I was feeling after training all day and taking the late flight -- I bit swirly and blurry.

Hooray, PDX!! Of all the cities I've seen, you're the most beautiful - day or night.

So happy to be home!

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