Friday, May 25, 2012

The good kind of cloudy day

The weather is beautiful in Portland right now and it's threatening to be a beautiful long weekend. We might go to the river in Canby or maybe fishing!

It's a cloudy day but the good kind. The marshmallow-puff-Disney-backdrop kind of cloudy day.

I just want to reach up and pull one down to take a nap on...

Here's a 360 degree view from my driveway:

On a completely separate note -- how could we have missed hearing about Sasquatch Festival at the Gorge!?!?!?!

I heard an ad for it on the radio this morning and it sounded awesome so I looked it up and holy cow!! The line up is insane! Jack White, Bon Iver, Beck --- come on! They only sell 4 day passes and they go on sale starting in February! This is an annual thing so I think we just might have to do this next year. 

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