Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Garden update - May 23, 2012

The garden is really starting to take off! Everything we planted is doing great so far. Here's the photo rundown:

Raised bed (greens, snow peas, tomatoes, watermelons, rogue broccoli)

Snow Peas (green and gold)

Four types of tomatoes this year.

 Broccoli - we had to put the trellis around it because the high winds knocked over the big guy yesterday!

This is where we should see the crown - soon maybe? (They've been growing since October!)

Kale - and a bunch of it!

The strawberries are starting to bend over which means we'll have red ones soon!

Cucumbers - pickles please!

 Radishes with red roots

Root veggie garden (cucumbers, red onions, yellow onions, carrots, beets, radishes, bunching green onions)

Blackberries beginning to bloom by our bedroom window

The jasmine we bought last year at the Beaverton Farmers Market is starting to bloom. We'll have jasmine breezes soon. Smells so good!

The only thing missing from the garden this year is a little white doggie photo-bombing all my pictures.

I miss the Pooh.

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bennett said...

These are beautiful, folks. Congrats. And I miss Clancy too.