Monday, April 23, 2012

Skyview of Seattle

I went to Seattle last Thursday to conduct a training session for work. Seems like I've been hopping around on teeny tiny commuter planes a lot this year. Although flying is not my favorite thing in the world, the aerial photos make it all worth it.

It was actually a pretty clear morning (about 8am) as we circled the city before landing at SEA/TAC. Here's the view from my window seat:

Cascade Range in the background

Mt. Rainer?

Look at all the water! No wonder real estate in Seattle is SO expensive!

First glimpse of downtown Seattle -- I'm headed to Fifth St. (Five up from the water)

No wonder so many people have to take ferries to get to work! It looks like a flood plain!

I bet it's a helluva drive through that mountain pass to central Washington!

Approaching downtown

Circling the city

Space Needle! (Just had it's 50th anniversary this week, btw)

I spent the day in the building with the white top in front of the really tall pointy one.

Looking out to the bay


We'll see where work takes me next, but you can bet I'll have the window seat...and my camera!

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