Friday, March 09, 2012

The Tao of Willie

Before I started reading The Tao of Willie, I thought it was going to be silly or "clever" with a heavy editor's tone. But I was very wrong. This book is like Willy singing me a song about life, experience, and self-awareness.

It's making me look at my life differently. One theme he expresses throughout the book is that once you find yourself, it will all follow. I sure hope he's right.

This was on the first page I opened:

Just about every one of us develops a pretty good bullshit detector. If you haven't got a clue when you're being shucked or jived, chances are you don't have five dollars to show for the past year hard work you've put in.

But for some reason, that same skill for detecting other people's bullshit doesn't seem to detect our own. I mean, you're reading my advice--and you hope it's good advice--but let's be real, how can you know for certain? Maybe I'm just full of it.

At some level, I suspect we're all full of it. It's hard to go through life without a little gloss of bluster and bullshit to dazzle the lambs and keep the wolves at bay. That's proably not a bad idea, especially if you're fond of lamb and fear the wolf, but you also have to remember one of life's most important lessons...

Don't be dazzled by your own bullshit.

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