Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Sunriver Oregon

I was in Sunriver, Oregon for a few days last week for work. Our client was one of the resorts in the area, so we stayed at their lodge. It was gorgeous. I wish I would have been there for pleasure and not work. This is definitely a place that Jason and I will have to go back to in the summer. I'm picturing a trip to Crater Lake via Sunriver.

Here's a little photo journal of the trip (not included is our outing to the original Deschutes Brewery Bend Public House no time for pictures with all that good craft beer available):

This is the view out my window the first evening I was there. (Overlooking one of the golf courses)

This is what I woke up to the next day -- 8 inches of snow on the first day of Spring! Thank you global weirding.

This is later that evening...the snow melts really fast!

Proof I was really there.

This was the view on my last morning before checkout...like we never even had snow!

Since we were there for work, I was pretty much confined to one area of the resort. But we did get a chance to visit the Great Hall. There is some sort of John Wayne legend attached to it. Also, the same guy that designed Timberline Lodge, designed this lodge too. (Fun fact for Mom!)

I flew to Redmond/Bend OR from Portland. It was only a 25 minute flight -- not even long enough to make me barf (yay!). However, that airport is TINY and in the middle of nowhere land. The Bend/Redmond/Sunriver area is on the east side of the Cascades so it's mostly high desert with patches of mountains and forest. Very unique terrain.

Here's the airport when I arrived (seriously, it's like one plane in and one plane out).

And here it is at 7:15 am the day I was leaving. (I got yelled at for stopping on the icy tarmac to take this picture, but it was totally worth it!)

Of course I had to get some aerial photos as well. This is the Three Sisters Mountain range as we take off. (Nice propeller!)

High desert from high in the sky!

Looks like some rough stuff!

Passing over mountains left and right!

Good old Mt.Hood off in the distance -- now that's a mountain I can pick out of a line-up! (love love love the sea of clouds surrounding the mountain)

Now I'm back at home and it feels like the tropics here compared to the mountains. I guess I'm starting to "warm up" to this weather.

The tulips and hyacinths sure do like it!

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