Thursday, March 01, 2012

Our little guy is home

Great news! Derville came home yesterday and is doing really good. As soon as he got home, he drank water, ate some kibble, took a piss and did some grooming.

He's back to his silly, sweet self -- we are so relieved!

They had to shave off some of his fur on both front legs. He's a little self-conscious about it. It's like he's upset because someone ripped his white pants.

He did get quite the reputation at the vet's. The technician said "he definitely came with some 'tude!" And they told me stories about how he hated the recovery cone (I can't even imagine how he looked in one of those things. I always think of One Crazy Summer when I see one of those things. What a funny movie!)

When they were telling me all of these things, I couldn't help but think "this must be what Parent/Teacher conferences are like..." I just shrugged and told them he was born in the street and found on a truck tire in the cold November rain -- he's a fighter. Sorry.

Weather update:
And we got snow today! And yesterday. I think this will be the last cold bite of the year.

Here's to hoping!

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