Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Sauerkraut Saturday!

Last Saturday, Jason and I went to a sauerkraut making class at Curious Farm and it was awesome! We met some really nice people -- there was 6 of us total.

It's so interesting that we can ferment almost any fruit or vegetable using only salt, time and an airlock crock! Here's some pictures from the morning.

These are all the veggies to choose from:

Once we picked our ingredients and spices, we chopped, shredded, diced, peeled and mixed it all together.

Then we spent awhile massaging it all together to create the brine it will sit and ferment in for 2 months!

I thought it was so interesting that we were all making sauerkraut but everyone's looked so different! The color palettes were gorgeous!

Then we packed our 'kraut into our airlock crocks. We used those big rolling pin type stumps to push all the veggies below the brine. We put "sacrificial cabbage" on the very top so any oxygen left in the container will muck up the cabbage leaves and not the 'kraut.

Here's all of our babies lined up looking beautiful. Like snowflakes -- the same but different.

Initially, we put our little baby 'kraut in the pantry so it would be out of the way, but every time we opened the door it smelled like someone farted right in your face! So now it's living in the extra (unplugged) refrigerator in the garage.

We really had a great time and cannot wait to try our sauerkraut - only 2 months to go!

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