Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Sunrise and moonset

I love the directional plane that our house is on because you can see the sunrise through the front window...

If there isn't a silly kitty blocking your view...

And conversely, you can see the sunset through the back windows...

 I was also able to catch this sweet moonset behind our house in the wee hours of the morning.

I love seeing the sunrise every morning but I really wish it would come a couple hours earlier. Darkness until 7am is starting to wear on me. Getting up when it's pitch black and then finishing up the work day in total darkness at 5pm really messes with my sense of time. I'll just be working away and then go to the front of the house and realize there isn't one light on and the house is totally dark.

I can't wait for first light by 6am and last light at 9:30pm -- because that means it's summer and the garden is growing -- my favorite time of the year!

Note to self: 
It's been two months without the Pooh and you're doing good. You're embracing the love that Derville gives (even though it's laced with razor claws and sharp little teeth). You still miss Clancy but you're not checking for him in the back yard or expecting him at the door when you come home any more. But you still miss the good doggie snuggin and lovin. It's like nothing else in the world. Sure, you want another dog to fill that hole. But you also know it's like any other long term relationship that ends -- you have relearn what your life is  without that relationship and accept that you can live without it and be okay before replacing it. You'll have another doggie, but for now you're a cat lady and Derville needs you, so love him good. Clancy would want you too.

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