Tuesday, January 17, 2012


It's been alternating snow and rain here for the last few days. It really amazes me how durable and adaptive plants can be. As you can see, the garden box has been nicely covered with snow.

In September, I started growing cauliflower, broccoli, and onion plants from seeds, started in Jiffy pots in the house. I moved them outside in October and they've been hanging out in the "elements" ever since. They don't look great and definitely won't produce any veggies but they are still alive! They are hanging on -- continuing to persevere despite the harsh external conditions.

 These two cauliflower plants (below) make me think of Jason and I. Two stragglers, hanging on despite hard times. Huddled up together in the not-so-great external conditions of the world but still growing and living and loving.
Dutifully carrying the metaphorical chunks of ice on our backs and hoping for warmer days and lighter loads to carry. But still growing, living, loving and persevering.

I read this quote on the Little Homestead in the City blog and it really stuck with me. Especially as I watch the conditions around me change and change again. I must remember to stay focused and push through -- no one else can do it for me.

"One of the biggest challenges in this or any age is to stick with the necessary changes we need to make and hold fast to the end. As important as beginnings are, the real test is in reaching the finish line, which requires perseverance for the long haul. Because we tend to turn things over to others—experts—we lose the opportunity to develop true self-sufficiency. Through growing our food, along with other homesteading practices, we gain invaluable experience and the true rewards of doing-it-yourself. Going forward, we have to be willing to get past the idea stage and individually sweat the details, adjusting to unforeseen difficulties, and, above all, never quitting." - Jules Dervaes

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