Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Our Cat Plays Fetch!

It's the craziest thing! Jason says he's never seen a cat play fetch like this.

Derville is better at this than any dog I've seen. He is relentless. Never-ending.Unstoppable. Insatiable.

Here's how it goes when Derville plays fetch --

Drops it right at your feet and then face bump! (He's saying, "Throw my feather or I will eat you!!")

He loves that feather thing so much! It was on a thin cord attached to a stick. He was dragging the feather and stick around everywhere. Then, he decided to free his beloved feather from the stick -- by eating through the cord! Did he stop there? No! In effort to secure his feather's freedom, he slurped down the entire two foot cord like spaghetti! I took the stick away before he ate that too! Now, we just have a little nub of over-loved feather with a tiny bell that we can throw over and over and over and over.

Whoops, gotta go. He's back and just jumped up and bit me on the shoulder! (He's saying, "Enough computer, Lady! Throw my feather or I will eat you!!")

He's always threatening to eat someone! And I believe he would!

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