Friday, January 27, 2012

Momentary Lapse of Reason

Last night...


I'm walking into a movie theater. Mom in front, then me, and Dad behind. The seats are filling up fast and there are a lot of people in our group. (I should've known I was dreaming when I found myself at the movies with my mom and dad. I think Romancing the Stone was the last movie I saw with them in a theater. I was 6. I remember thinking it should've been rated X.)

Mom moves quickly down the aisle and then breaks left towards several vacant seats. Dad took a hard left upon entering the theater and was holding a group of seats toward the back. I was in the middle looking ahead and behind, deciding which way to go when the usher raised his arms in the air and yelled "Switch!" Everyone rose up at the same time, moved to a seat on the opposite side of the room from them, and sat back down. I froze. Didn't understand what was going on. Coming out of my stupor, I see my entire group seated together with no extra seats. I look around the giant room. Not one seat is open. I look at my group. They shrug shoulders indifferently and turn to face the screen.

Alone, I walk outside. It is snowing. There is a girl that I've seen before but don't know. She's been put out too. She's lays back - all covered with snow except her long red hair framing her face and giant emerald green eyes. She turns her head to look at me and then slowly closes her eyes. Nothing showing but a red flame frame around a porcelain doll face. Snow flakes on eyelashes.


I'm with a group of ladies. I don't know who they are but we are going shopping together. First we are going to eat at McDonald's. No one wants to ride with me in my piece of shit car. It's not the one I have now, but truly a beater-piece-of-shit car. One nice, older lady rides with me and the other nine women cram into a Lexus SUV. When we are leaving McDonald's, I ask who wants to ride with me and they all look away. I hear "I don't want to ride in that car." I tell them I have a different car -- a Lexus -- and somehow I do have a different car but still no one wants to ride with me. I watch as all ten women climb in the SUV together -- like sardines in fur coats. "We'll meet you there!" they say. No one looks at me as they drive off.


I'm sledding down a hill with another person. We are on our way somewhere but I'm not sure where. The other person keeps saying that they'd rather walk (even though it was very far to our destination). I keep sledding down the hill trying to find our way. I see the top of a hill, we fly over it, immediately drop off into a ravine with a huge river. I can't stop myself from falling and rolling into the water. Snakes and other debris are coming at me fast. The river bank is tall and steep. I reach for the other person's hand but they won't give it to me. I claw at the mud wall and pull myself up with the roots and vines sticking out. Now I'm walking behind a horse carrying the other person. We are going up an outside staircase -- like steps up the side of a mountain. I'm looking down at the horse's back feet as we move up the mountain. I think to myself, "If I look up right now, that horse's ass will be directly in my face."


Then I woke up.

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bennett said...

I love these, they make a little head movie.