Friday, January 20, 2012


I was so fortunate today to speak to one of my most beloved family members -- my Grams. My mom's mom. She's about 20 in this photo. Now she's 94 and has been a bit under the weather recently. My grams and I have always had a special relationship. I'm the youngest grandchild. We've always had long discussions about love, life, death, politics, crafts, art, anything and everything. We talked for hours on the phone. She's been such a huge influence on my life and who I am today. I love her so much and hope she's back to her old feisty self soon.

Our conversation today was short, about 25 minutes, and filled with sentiments of love, reflection, and encouragement. The words that shined the most light on me was her reflection on life:

"It's absolutely worth it -- life is absolutely worth living. It's an incredible thing. You have your ups and downs but it's all worth it."

I feel like this is the most encouraging piece of wisdom I've ever heard. (I think the source has something to do with it.)

Also, I think I just realized where my dimples come from. Isn't she beautiful!

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