Monday, December 12, 2011

One Frigid Bitch!

Last night we had no heat do to a failed heater. It was 27 degrees outside and got down to the fifties inside. 

We noticed it during the afternoon, but lucky for us we had chili making and cookie baking on the activities list for the early evening. With all the baking, cooking and holiday action the house maintained a tolerable warmth.

Are those not the most festive little holiday cookies you've ever seen? ;-) Sugariffic!!!!

Once the guests departed and the beer was tapped we retreated to the back bedroom for a cold winters nap. Snug in our blankets and warmth to be all that mattered with smelly remnants of beers and cookie batter. Suddenly we awoke to a startlin crashin clatter at half past one. We sprang from the cozy bed into the frigid air we went racing and stunned.  To the kitchen without haste we did run, to find that the ugly light fixture had fallen, broken and shattered on the floor looking like plastic cookie crumbs. 

Bottom line, it was one cold frigid bitch last night and this moanin! Not to mention waking up to what sounded like an invasion on the other side of the house.  It was like rolling into an icy pond, asleep! What a brisk awakening indeed.  My heart has just now resumed normal beats per minute.

As I post this, we have managed to get the temperature back up to 67 and the heater should be back to work by this evening.  Then we shall hunt the great christmas pickle of 2011!

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