Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Kinda, sorta, maybe agree with Ira Glass

This clip from Ira Glass speaking on the creative process has some interesting ideas.

I agree with some of them but not all of it.

I don't agree that creating great volumes of work is necessarily the solution to creating a great piece of work. Sometimes that just results in a lot shit for the trash bin.

I do agree with the idea of an artist having a certain taste, but then not being able to create something that meets that "taste standard." There are so many projects that start out in my head one way but then the actualized version of it is nothing like I pictured -- not up to the standard I had imagined.

I guess this is where I run into the issue of "Is this something I want to create a thousand times until it's perfect?" or "Well, that was an interesting idea but not quite what I had in mind. On to the next idea."

Usually, I go with "on to the next idea."

Repetition can be super boring and artistically draining and that's not part of my creative process.

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