Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Pacifiers and Baby Steps

Meet Floyd, my giant stuffed puppy. He's a great pacifier -- big fat snout, dark puppy-dog eyes, soft furry butt, and he's big enough to give hugs!

Call me crazy -- I don't care. I've always loved my stuffed animals like they were real and Jason's the same way. So every now and then, when we feel bad, we take turns hugging the puppy and it actually helps (in a pacifier-type way).

This morning the sun peaked out again. Now that the weather has officially turned to crap, I have to take every opportunity to grab some sun. I've been avoiding the dreaded first solo walk without the Pooh. Jason and I have made the rounds a few times without him, but I didn't have to think about what to do with my leash-holding hand -- I just held Jason's hand.

So I'm looking out the window, thinking to myself - baby steps. You can do it. One time around the block. You must get out of the house. I gear up (it's only about 40 degrees outside), grab my MP3 player, turn it to Talking Heads, ask the cat if he's up for a walk (nope, he's not), and head out on my own - solo.

It wasn't too bad. I went around the block 3 times (about a mile). There were tons of other people walking their dogs. I was okay. I even told one passer-by with a small terrier mutt in a sweater "Cute doggie!" And I meant it -- he was precious.

Noticeable differences:
1. no pace-setter (that dog hauled ass!) so my walking was slower.
2. figuring out what to do with my leash-holding hand? Thank gawd for hoodies with kangaroo pouch pockets.

I can definitely say that this whole experience has really motivated us to act on our dream of buying "the farm." We want lots of space to raise goats, chickens, ducks, worms. We want to rescue strays, revive frozen kittens, heal injured squirrels, raise abandoned baby possums, and everything in between. In the spirit of Jason's mother, we want to help every animal that needs a home or a hand. We've been really interested in animal husbandry for a few years and can't wait to have our own menagerie.

Next step - find the place to make this all happen. 

Pacifiers and baby steps. It's all about tying to feel good and moving forward now.

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