Friday, November 18, 2011

Don't forget about Derville!

Who could forget about Derville?

He's taking our loss pretty hard. Derville and Clancy were two poohs in a pod for sure.

Derville had never been completely alone while we were gone. He always had the Pooh to remind him of our everlasting promise -- we always come back. Sometimes we have to leave but we ALWAYS come back. He's starting to get it.

Derville's always been a needy little guy, but now without his big fur-brother around, he's beside himself. It's like he's lost in his own house. I feel the same way. But we are just trying to help each other through this sad time with laughter and extra attention for all.

Derville is such a caring little guy. Full of surprises and interests...

(Derville: We can play chess, talk literature, or make some music if that would help you feel better.)

(Derville: Hey check it out! *singing* Fat Cat in a Tiny Box. What!?! This box is too small for me? NEVER!)

He's getting better at snuggin' especially in the morning, but sometimes it still feels like cuddling up to a piranha! Muncha Muncha. But that's why we call him Munchster, and we couldn't love him more.

Thanks for all the smiles, Derville!

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Anonymous said...

Grammy has not forgotten about Derville...or Sarah, or Jason, and especially not Clancy. Thinking of you always and hoping that bearing your sadness together is easing the pain for each of you.