Friday, September 23, 2011

Life Fades Away - Roy Orbison

Popular topics around our house these days have been quantum physics, String Theory, M TheoryBig Bang (and the unknown flip side), conscious immortality, Steven Hawking, William James, Isaac Asimov (particularly "Earth is Room Enough") and "Hidden Connections" by Fritjof Capra. And "The Aleph" by Borges.

I guess we are just really trying to figure out what THIS is all about. I just can't satiate myself with the ponderance that we simply are born, live, and die. There has to be more. Not more like heaven, but more like immortality. Our energy existing and reexisting. Channelling the energy into something else. It's the something that is so illusive to me.

In the past if I couldn't find a channel for my energy, I picked up and set out looking for it -- that Aleph. That point of all meaning. Now, I'm where I need to be. No more nomadic searches. Now that I'm here, I just wonder. What next?

We were watching a show on OPB that raised the question, "is it possible that we only exist in others' reality when our realities bump into each other?" I've been thinking about that a lot lately. It feels possible to me. I've moved into and out of so many people's lives in my vagabonding years that I know there are people out there that exist. However, if my reality had never bumped into their reality, would they have ever really existed?

Do I still exist once my reality ceases to bump into yours?

Life Fades Away by Roy Orbison.

"I'm tired of tomorrow, lost for today, I long to be at peace forever..."

My time has come the clouds are calling.
December wind has came my way.
And now I feel the world falling.
All at once, it's too late.
Life fades away.

The night is my day.
All thoughts slip away
And even though, I must leave you.
Remember I love you.
I'll always be in your memories.
I will always be with you when I'm gone.

Hey, life fades away.
Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah,yeah.
Life fades away.

I'm tired of tomorrow, lost for today.
I long to be at peace forever.
My dull peace
and even though, I will miss you.
I must leave you.

Hey, life fades away.
Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
Life fades away.

So please forgive me and try not to cry.
I long to be at peace forever more.
Forever more.

Oh yeah, yeah , yeah ,yeah ,yeah.
Oh yeah, yeah ,yeah , yeah, yeah.
Life fades away.
Life fades away.
Life fades away. Away.

One last thing to say
Life fades away.

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