Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Garden Update: End of Summer Is Near

Okay. Here we go. It has been a weird summer and I haven't done a very good job with the garden updates. So I'm just going to cram as much into this post as possible. Seeing it is the last day of August, which is essentially the end of summer, I would like to have the garden on record before it's time to put it in next year!

Snow Peas:
These did very well. We harvested, shucked, and blanched. We ended up with 2 quart bags of peas for the freezer.

Green beans:
Did very well, also. We harvested and blanched. Ended up freezing one gallon bag. I'm going to make our Thanksgiving green bean casserole with beans from our garden this year!


Did a good job of training and trellising the plants. They were HUGE!!

But was slack in trimming back non-producing limbs to make room for more growth. All of the plants fell completely over at one point or another (except the Roma because it is only 2 feet tall, which is also weird).

Everyday we looked out the window and another one was laid over. We tied them up, tied them to each other, and even let one use the chaise lounge! There was so much unnecessary growth that the plants were pushing their cages out of the ground and flopping over! They also were not focusing on the task at hand -- making ripe tomatoes! Eventually, I went snip-happy on them and trimmed off a giant pile. All plants lived and we had red tomatoes within days.


These did very very well. Seems like root veggies love it here. We chose to plant carrots, beets, radishes this year because the winter was so rainy and the slugs were so bad, we knew the leafy veggies would just be a liability.

We harvested the beets, cleaned them up, blanched them, removed skin (what a pain in the ASS!), and pickled them. We yielded 10 half pint jars and 2 quart jars! We've stashed them away in the pantry for the winter. This was a very long and arduous process. I can definitely say we were "beet" by the end of the day!

Oh my gosssssshhhhh, this post could go on forever! There are so many pictures of the garden and I just don't have the time to write about it all. So, I'm going to post a slide show of all the garden pictures so you can check them all out.


PS. We're planning on having a winter garden this year. I'm planning to sow the seeds soon (it's way late to plant a winter garden but what the hell!). I don't have high hopes for the crop, but I am hoping that a little ground cover will help keep our fabulous soil from washing away like last year.

Always something new to try with our urban farming!

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