Monday, July 25, 2011

Photo Round-up

Here's a bit of a photo round-up for the last couple weeks:

The garden is like a jungle! It is taller than Jason! See his hands in the air at the other end?

Unfortunately, one of the tomato plants fell over and snapped a few major limbs.  We propped it back up and we'll see what happens. This may be our largest garden casualty, to date.

Green beans are here! Check out this cute little bugger!

Saw something interesting at the garden store-- a lotus flower rain chain.

Very cool. I like the rain chain idea but this guy was $250!?!

Clancy is feeling much better! (You can always tell he's feeling good when he sleeps with all fours in the air)

Derville lays on his cat perch and demurely asks, "Do these white pants make me look fat?"

Jason and I ate a whole pan of this sinfully awesome layered pudding dessert. Learning our lesson, we made a rule that I will only make this if we are having guests or taking it to a party. It was soooo good but way too much for two people (although we didn't waste any)!

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